5th Mobility. May 16 - 20, 2022

Day 1 (May 16)

We started the day with beautiful weather. In the morning we visited theschool, where the students made great efforts to commemorate theErasmus+ project by painting its logo on the wall of the school building.The official welcome of the project's participants was also held in theauditorium. Then we visited the Cichanoglu Kulliye complex. Here wehad the opportunity to see the Mosque, not only from the outside, but alsofrom the inside. There are two interesting facts - the first of them is thefact that we always enter the Mosque starting from the right leg, and thesecond is that the Mosque reflects the Baroque architectural style. Afterwe got a dose of historical curiosities, we went for lunch. The famousTurkish pizza was waiting for us there- pida. We could taste several typesand choose our favorite.

Day 2 (May17)

The second day was wonderful.After the morning workshops at school, we started the trip.Tuesday's schedule included three places!First, we went to the small fishing village of Dalyan, where we went ona cruise.During the cruise we could admire breathtaking views.The cruise led to Iztuzu beach.We also spent some time on the beach and had the opportunity to swim inthe warm Mediterranean Sea.After this trip we went to the last place - the town of Akyaka.A delightful attraction was a cruise on the Azmak River. The water inthis place is so incredibly clean, even at a depth of 10 m ... It is notwithout reason that this place is called the proverbial "aquarium".With such beautiful views we finished another day of our Turkishadventure.

Day3 (May 18)

On the third day we visited some historical paces.After the visit to the school and artistic activities - doing graffition the school wall with the Erasmus+ project logo and the visit ofa Turkish artist, we went to taste local products. Polish, Spanishand Turkish.An interesting journey awaited us.We visited two ancient towns - Priene and Miletus. We learnedmany historical facts from the guide and had the opportunity tosee the ruins of these cities.

Day 4(May 19)

After activities at school, we visited three towns. The first onewas Alacati - one of the most traditional cities in Turkey.Famous for its architecture, narrow streets, windmills and thesea. Then we went to the seaside district - Sıgacık. Life here iscentered around the port of fishing boats and several bars and teahouses. The last point of the trip was the popular resort town ofÇesme.Known for its golden beaches and blue sea.

Day 5 (May 20)

We started the last day of mobility with school activities. Thestudents made their own hopscotch fields, and then they couldplay. After having fun, we went to the auditorium, where welearned the lyrics of a Turkish song and then we could sing it!It wasn't that simple.

Mobility Brochure

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