4TH Mobility. April 4 - 8, 2022

Day 1 (April 4)

        We started the day at the school, where we watched beautifully prepared albums from previous mobilities. This was followed by video projections prepared by each country on the actions taken in schools against bullying.

Day 2 (April 4)

Exploring the city...

Day 3 (April 6)

        We started the day with learning how to tap the cups to the rhythm of the song (Anna Kendrick - cups). Students had a lot of fun because it turned out that it was not such an easy task.Then we all learned the John Lennon's song - imagine.After classes at school, another attraction was waiting forus - a trip to Allariz.

Day 4 (April 7)

Day 5 (April 8)

         It was the last day of our stay in Spain. we started withwatching the films related to bullying and showing how todeal with it. The next task was to create digital posters relatedto counteracting bullying. Each group coped very well withthis task. Then we went to Parada de Sil. It was anotherincredible day but unfortunatelly it was the last day of thismobility.

Mobility Brochure

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