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        The school is an educational institution for learning ,as well as a living space where the students feel safe.However, students from different socio-cultural backgrounds have different socio-cultural backgrounds have different characteristics.There are a number of bullying behaviours among the students interacting with each other in different shapes and sizes.

       Bullying is a perpeutal and deliberate misbehaviour by a person or a group without a reasonable reason for other persons.Physical violence,naming,ridicule,exclusion,gossiping etc.

        We believe that the phenomenon of peer bullying which can be observed in figures is an important issue that needs to be emphasized and analysed in terms of its effects,causes and consequences.For this reason,we think that the victim and the witnesses as well as the causes of behaviour should take the necessary measures.In order to solve the problem,we focused on the work of establishing good relations between the students.

         We think that the priority way to ensure that the students develop positive attitudes towards each other is that they have a fun and quality time together.Thus,we believe that students who have the opportunity to know each other better will get rid of the negative prejudices they have devolped against each other.
We believe that it is necessary to protect the future adults, from the negative effects of peer bullying in order to create a community of healthy and physically healthy individuals who can actively participate in social life.

        Within the scope of the social responsibility task of educational institutions and in line with European 2020 targets,we support equality and social inclusion by providing access to disadvantaged students in adapting to school life and contributing to intercultural education and lifelong learning. Studies on language learning through education, intercultural interaction and cooperation for the acquisition and development of basic skills and basic competences of individuals are also included in our project.




       Hacı Celal Oto Orta okulu was founded in1993..Our school, which prepares students in the 11-14 age group to high school through four years of general education, is located in the center of Aydın province.

       We have 830 students in addition to our school staff consisting of 46 teachers (3 administrators) and 3 servants. Our school has been the most successful school in our region thanks to the systematic work of zealous and enthusiastic school staff with the effect of the school culture that has existed in the last four to five years.

       Healty relationship and effective communication between all members of the community especially between students and teachers are the key to school success.

       Hacı Celal Oto Secondary School offer the highest quality educational programme that develops students to be ambitious in their goals,critical in their presentation.We never forget that Students learn best when they are happy at school and actively involved in their own learning.

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          Xesús Ferro Couselo was a historian (born in a small village of the province of Pontevedra) who dedicated his intellectual life to recovering the past of the city and the province in which he settled, Ourense. This city was also the recipient of most of his great creations, including the organization
of the Provincial Archaeological Museum (1953), the Auriense Cultural Group (1967) and the Auriense Bulletin (1971).  In case you are wondering why "Auriense" appears in the previous information, we should go back to Roman times, when the city of Ourense was called "Auria", from the latin word "aurum" (gold in English). And that is the origin of the name Ourense, famous in Roman times for the gold that could be found in the river Minho. But let's go back to our school. It is situated in the outskirts of the city and most students come by bus. 

          Classes start at 8:30 a.m. and finish at 14:10 p.m., except on Monday, when classes finish at 17:40 p.m.  Students have lunch at school. Students are 11 or 12 years old when they start Compulsory Secondary Education, and 17-18 when they finish Higher Secondary Education (Baccalaureate) The primary reason why we are so pleased to take part in this European experience deals with one project we started two years ago in order to teach students to resolve problems related to behaviour at school avoiding disciplinary actions. 

            With the fantastic and valuable help of a professional counselor in teenager behavior, a small set of teachers was trained in mediation and we encouraged voluntary students to become "peer mediators" (intermediaries) in order to get agreements among opposite parts, to avoid more serious problems or situations that could become bullying. These students and teachers were taught how to act in these situations, what tools to use to minimize the problem, what strategies can help. The main objective of this program is to increase mediation utilization so as to simultaneously decrease conflicts requiring administrative intervention. Peer mediation programs are an extremely effective method to reduce verbal and physical conflict, to stop a possible bullying situation before it starts and to improve school climate. The primary job of these peer mediators is and will be to help other students resolve their own conflicts. Peer mediators are not judges or figures of authority. They help students listen to each other in a safe, structured environment.

             We are 35 teachers at our school. Besides we have two janitors and one person who is responsible for the administrative tasks. There are 335 students and groups consists of 25 students on average. 

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           Ziebice Primary School is a small town school. The town is located in the south-west of Poland in Lower Silesia, around 60 km from the capital of this district - Wroclaw. Our school provides preschool and primary education. İt was founded in 1956 and is located in the complex of four buildings. There are 389 pupils from 6 to 14 years old . Pupils learn two foreign languages: English, as the first foreign language and German as the second foreign language.

          There is a seretary's office,headmaster's assistants office, canteen and classrooms.We have 41 teachers,a headmaster and headmaster's assistants.

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